Trust Your Home
To Briggs & Stratton

Why Choose Briggs & Stratton Standby Generators?

Backup Power – Always on. When it comes to protecting your home and family, you’re looking for trust and reliability. With our advanced technology and commitment to innovation, our generators are designed to support you and those you love - when you need it most.

With over 108 years of respected experience, Briggs & Stratton brings this security to your home. Our intense focus on innovation has helped us develop celebrated and state-of-the-art standby generator systems that answer your challenges at home and in commerce. Generators that stand by you.

We’ve built the largest worldwide customer service network, with more than 1,000 authorized Briggs & Stratton standby dealers. We’re there for you wherever you are.

When you make that final choice to buy a Briggs & Stratton home generator, you can rely on a local generator expert to guide you through every step of the purchase process and beyond. When it comes to backup power – we’re always on.

Commitment To Customer Support

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We know purchasing a standby generator system isn’t a snap decision, it’s a process (and sometimes a confusing one too). That’s why at GridIron we are committed to working with you throughout the purchase process, so you get the most affordable standby generator system to handle your home’s specific power needs.

Local Dealers Provide Expert Customer Service

With more than 1,000 Briggs & Stratton generator dealers across the country, there’s a knowledgeable and professional dealer in your neighbourhood ready to work with you.

Customer Support Center Answers Your Questions Fast

The GridIron Support Center is here to make shopping for a standby generator as painless as possible. Our Canadian-based customer service staff is ready to answer your standby generator questions: 1-877-829-0013.

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How confident are we in the reliability and performance of our home standby generator systems? It’s pretty easy to tell when you look at a Briggs & Stratton warranty compared to our competitors. Offering 5-6 years, there’s no mistaking we offer the best value generator warranty in the industry.

Our standby generator lines come standard with great warranties for lasting protection.

The New Fortress line of standby generators offer the industry’s leading limited warranty* of 6 years parts, labor and travel.

The Briggs & Stratton line of standby generators offers a comprehensive 5-year limited warranty*, covering generator replacement parts, labor, and travel. With our standby generators, never pay for the high cost of a dealer’s trip to your house, labor, or parts.

Home Generator Warranty Comparison Chart


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Briggs & Stratton Dealers

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Working with a professional Briggs & Stratton standby dealer to purchase, install and maintain your standby generator system makes life easy. With more than 1,000 certified Briggs & Stratton dealers located around the country, there’s a knowledgeable and professional standby generator dealer in your neighbourhood ready to help.

Briggs & Stratton dealers are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our dealers will provide customized solutions for your needs by helping you find the most efficient and economical generator for your home, support through installation, and service throughout the life of your system.

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